IndieEAST: A theatrical film series celebrating Filipino Independent Cinema

The United States is filled with movie-lovers that take the time and energy to experience a different world through the magic of cinema. Watching a film is the cheapest way to travel indeed: you buy your ticket and you’re off to a new and fascinating world.

As independent filmmakers and audiences ourselves at IndieEAST, we are thrilled to have a new breed of independent films find a second home on our side of the globe. We have partnered with filmmakers from the Philippines, so we can bring you the freshest and most unique independently made films, many of which have received critical acclaim from various film festival circuits worldwide.

IndieEAST’s mission is to EXHIBIT important and visionary Filipino independent films at independent theatres nationwide, starting in our hometown San Francisco, California where film lovers abound.

A window has been opened.  We at IndieEAST are ready to go hand in hand with the Filipino indie filmmakers and producers around the world to show the global film lovers what we’ve got!

IndieEAST is founded by San Francisco, California-based Filipino independent filmmakers whose main goal is to find audiences for independent Filipino films and showcase the films in all the major cities in the United States, starting from their hometown, San Francisco, California where independent film theatres and film lovers abound.


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